stéphanie lacocque photo installation

Public Paintings - Stéphanie Lacocque

PUBLIC PAINTINGS / STILLS of FABRIC is a photo installation in and about the North of Antwerp. Fragments of stillness and emptiness, deconstruction and reconstruction. Behind the industrial hardness and multicultural softness shelters poetry, a dense transformation. One that gives energy, a second skin. Thicker. More real. Layered. Moulting a third and forth time, to renew, keep going and stop.
I love long walks to discover neighbourhoods, especially in the industrial port of Antwerp North and its vibrant surroundings. Inspired by Architecture since my childhood.

The 28 stills of fabric will guide you through the last remains of the SAMGA buildings from my inner point of view, just before these two grain silo’s were going to be demolished at the end of 2020. One stills remains right now… waiting to be transformed.

stéphanie lacocque photo installation

location: Koninklijke Academie Schone Kunsten Antwerpen, Blindestraat 35, 2000 Antwerpen
vernissage: september 30 – october 13
finissage: october 13, 7 PM

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